Katie Cook
VRR Merchandising

Nominated by Brian Sullivan: "Katie has been working tirelessly with Smartwool for years now to increase attachment of socks on rentals. They have worked to strategically place product throughout the rental process and developed processes to ensure that guests are paying for their Smartwool product. All of this has resulted in:
• An increase in test locations from 2.5% to 6+% of our renter guests buying a Smartwool sock.
• Direct capital injection from Smartwool and VF Corp to increase the number of stores we are taking initiatives in.
• Most Importantly – ensuring these guests have an Experience of a Lifetime, because we all know a bunched up sock or a poorly fitting boot can ruin even the best powder days.
Working with Katie on this initiative has truly been a pleasure, capturing both innovation and creativity at its finest. Our mountains are amazing, but employees like Katie are the true value in Vail Resorts."

Carson Mcdonough
VRR Merchandising

Nominated by Brian Sullivan: "Carson represents everyday leadership in VRR Data Management. I wish I could point to one individual instance, but it isn’t just one instance. Every single day he shows up and wants to make things better. His positive attitude through chaos, his drive for continuous improvement of the processes, and his willingness to grow as an individual make him an everyday leader in an under-recognized team.

Thank you, Carson, for showing up every day and ensuring the data in our cash registers is accurate!"

Jonathan Kimchi

Nominated by Maggie Metzler: "Since I joined the Compliance team at Vail Resorts in February 2019, I have been drinking from the proverbial fire hose of information. Jon is not only my teammate, but my cube mate and often the receiver of countless questions, sounding-board discussions, and basic IT support. If Jon’s Insights were any bluer, he’d be a smurf - and I know that my sunshiney yellow can be a bit much to handle at times, but he has never let it show. He is patient, a fantastic teacher and a willing collaborator. He epitomizes our culture of partnership and leadership. Thanks for all your help, Jon. You’re awesome."

Scott Miller

Nominated by Emma Nasif: "I could not do my job in a timely or effective manner without the assistance of Scott Miller. I regularly need Scott to provide me information under unrealistic and unreasonable deadlines and he never falters. He provides me with exactly what I ask for and things I didn’t know I needed. He then answers my questions quickly and without judgment or frustration. I have learned so much from Scott about our company and feel very fortunate to have a colleague like him supporting me and the business."

David Krajicek
Health and Safety

Nominated by Josh Clark: "The workplace services team was shorthanded and needed help renewing fleet vehicle registrations. David stepped in to offer help and went as far as going into the Broomfield DMV to renew six vehicles in person. This also included taking four of the vehicles out for emissions testing. We could not have gotten the vehicles where they needed to be without the help David provided."

Joel Hawkins
HR Technology

Nominated by Gabriel Creek: "Joel is a superstar! Since his arrival at Vail, he has worked on so many projects for the payroll team. Even when faced with a seemingly insurmountable workload, he still takes the time to check in with us, understand what it is that we are asking him to do, and help us all the way through testing the project. I've never seen him have anything less than a positive attitude while he improves our lives. Thanks, Joel!"

Matias Gutknecht & Allison Young

Nominated by the Advanced Commitment Team: "When the Advanced Commitment Marketing team was formed at the beginning of this summer, nine new roles opened up! This meant that a third of the people making up this newly formed team would be brand new to this team and/or organization! This highlighted an important opportunity to re-imagine the onboarding process to ensure the experience of being a new employee was efficient, effective, enjoyable and easy to navigate. Matias Gutnecht and Allison Young stepped up to the plate and took on the extra work to build and centralize all of the essential onboarding documents, coordinate with each of the hiring managers to ensure proper equipment was ordered, and set up hourly schedules for the new employee’s first week so they would be able to meet with the appropriate people right off the bat. They did all this with an incredible attitude and the intention of creating an Experience of a Lifetime for our new employees. Matias and Allison provided an EpicService to their new fellow employees by making great strides in re-imagining the onboarding process for the Advanced Committeemen team. Their hard work on this project has been an important foundation for ensuring the newly founded ACT team is a success!"


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