Miranda Carey, Marketing
Nominated by Matt Beaudin

Miranda has been extremely helpful to the Sunapee Marketing team as we transition to Vail systems and procedures. While we know that Miranda has responsibilities at other resorts, she always makes us feel like we are her priority. Miranda should be commended for her prompt attention to issues and questions, and for her patience. Thank you, Miranda!


Andrew Charba, IT
Nominated by Noah Bryant

Andrew Charba has stepped far beyond his role as a PC tech here in Broomfield to tackle the new skills required to support our VRR locations and all of the new peripherals that came with the VRR integration. Andrew is always requesting new access to dig into the IT systems and understand all of the moving parts to accurately troubleshoot a problem. In the past year he has put in the work to acquire not one, but two network certifications - which is a very impressive feat. He is an asset to his team and beyond. Andrew’s hard work and diligence make everyone else's job easier, and his service to his team and Vail Resorts is what I can only describe as EPIC.


Molly Conroy, Talent Acquisition
Nominated by Katie Watt

Where to even begin with Molly? She is a superstar at everything she does! She is managing the F&B for two major Broomfield events in a very short timeline. She came in with great ideas on how to elevate the employee experience in these events and has brought those ideas to life. I couldn't do it without her!


Kelsey Durall, Procurement
Nominated by Jessica Olson

When a member of our team was diagnosed with cancer, Kelsey quickly helped arrange a meal train and a GoFundMe page that generated a very large charitable gift for her and her family. Kelsey has stayed in constant communication with her friends and family and sent updates informing us of her medical progress. She recently co-organized a team to participate in Pink Vail in honor of our friend and colleague, complete with giant cutout heads and helmet covers in her honor. Kelsey is currently collecting items to bring a personalized gift basket to her in the hospital as she undergoes one final treatment in this brave fight and defeat of cancer! Kelsey has demonstrated compassion and devotion that is beyond EPIC!


Jamie Gerding and Amy Shockley, Finance
Nominated by Amy Brooks

Jamie and Amy not only understand the budgeting process - they are patient and kind teachers. As a new employee, both went above and beyond to make me feel supported. Not only do they teach until I understand the why and the process, but they continue to offer their support on a daily basis to help in any way they can. They have truly gone above and beyond to support my learning. The budget is very important in my role and I know I have a support system in place at all times.


Kathryn Hagan, Marketing
Nominated by Michelle Hicks

Kathryn is the silent hero who has been putting trivia in the stairwell in the Broomfield office and updating it every week. She told me (confidentially, whoops...) that she did it to encourage people to use the stairs more, but doesn't want the credit because it's more fun that way, and doesn't want to be the center of attention. When I found out it was her, I wasn't surprised. Kathryn always goes out of her way to ensure everyone she encounters has the Experience of a Lifetime. She is one of the kindest people I have encountered at Vail and the fact that she did this little thing in the office that's encouraging others, including myself, to take the stairs is so on-brand for her.


Mary Mannion, Payroll
Nominated by Maren Fadley

My supervisor was out on vacation for most of my first two weeks on the job. Mary has only been here for a year, but was and still is an amazing resource. She is always willing to help answer any of my questions - and as this is my first payroll job, I have a lot of questions! Best of all, she doesn’t just answer from across the room. Mary stops what she's doing and comes to my cubicle to help me work through issues instead of doing it herself. I've recently noticed she's just as helpful to everyone else in our office. She never runs out of patience and is always motivated to get work done. I would not have gotten through my first couple of weeks so easily without Mary's help.


Michael Ryan, VRR IT
Nominated by Katie Watt

Michael has offered his time and energy to take care of all our A/V and logistical needs for Broomfield Inside Edge. As I have very minimal knowledge of the A/V world, Michael's efforts have helped me tremendously. He is going above and beyond his day-to-day to make sure the event will go off without a (technical) hitch, all with a smile and can-do attitude!


Wynn Tan, VRR Finance
Nominated Samuel Lentz

In the process of planning the 2019 EpicService trip Whistler, our team needed VRR Gift Cards as a last-minute “thank you” individuals who helped make the trip an Experience of a Lifetime. Unfortunately, due to currency and system differences, buying a Canadian gift card from Broomfield is more complicated that one might think. Wynn took it upon herself to prioritize finding a solution. In doing so, she was able to quickly find a colleague in Whistler who could provide the gift cards in time for the event. Thank you, Wynn, for your willingness to go above in beyond to help us recognize our colleagues.


Jamie Thill, Marketing
Nominated by Tom Finley

In our second year of offering the Military Epic Pass lineup, the Digital team was asked to make the online process easier for our guests to verify their eligibility. Cue Jamie Thill, Military Verification Extraordinaire. Jamie stepped up to take on this complex assignment in addition to her day-to-day responsibilities. Having a veteran brother herself, Jamie took deep pride and responsibility in making this process frictionless for our service men and women. And the results showed. 65% of passes sold online are now instantly verified at the time of purchase, greatly reducing fraud and calls to our call centers. Thank you, Jamie, for owning and elevating it!


Russell White, Accounting
Nominated by Katie Watt

Russell has voluntarily taken the lead in securing all the rentals needed for our annual Summer Picnic. He's walked the site, re-imagined the layout and worked directly with the vendor to ensure we have all our needs covered for a cool and comfortable event. I could not have gotten all these details sorted out without him! Thank you, Russell.


Know someone who's shown EpicService to a guest or colleague? Nominate them here.