Kudos to the 36 Broomfield employees who showed their Commitment to Zero by participating in Bike to Work Day on June 26!

These awesome individuals joined an estimated 31,200 riders in the Denver metro area in biking to work. Together, they rode nearly 549,000 miles and burned 24.1 million calories.

Even more impressive? Bike commuters eliminated 237 tons of carbon dioxide emissions on Bike to Work Day.

By participating in the state-wide day, local bikers helped show the impact of taking 25,000+ vehicles off the road and encouraged support from regional leaders for biking infrastructure projects, which make it easier to bike all the time.

Eight lucky Broomfield bikers also won VRR gift cards for registering and participating in Bike to Work Day. Congrats to David Brown, Daniel Devine, Allie Kambic, John McEwan, Austin Kimmel, Chris Smith, Austin Caldera and Ryan Rinosa.